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Alternatif Biyositler İle Güvenli Üretim14.06.2018

Alternatif Biyositler İle Güvenli Üretim

Bacterial load is one of the key parameters that influence the performance of a water-miscible coolant. Biocides are used to prevent the coolant being affected by, or even becoming unstable because of, germs, fungi and yeasts. As a lubricant expert, we at Rhenus Lub make sure you know which biocides are used in coolants, how they work and what sustainable alternatives are already available from us.

Biocides can be effective — if they are dosed correctly
Biocides help provide long-term stability in coolants, as they reduce or stop the growth of germs (yeasts, fungi and bacteria) in the emulsion. For coolants to achieve their highest performance, a precise dosage of biocide is required. If the dosage is too small, there is a risk that the germ growth will not be stopped completely. If the biocide dosage is too high, this can cause skin irritations and other allergic reactions for those who have come into contact with the coolant, which isn’t just a health and safety issue for the machine operator.

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