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Soğutma Sıvılarının Kullanımında Cildin Korunması14.06.2018

Soğutma Sıvılarının Kullanımında Cildin Korunması

When it comes to active health and safety during production, the skin is a particular priority. It is not only the dust, high temperatures and mechanical irritants that affect it. Coolants can also be damaging for this sensitive organ. Correct use of a skin-friendly coolant from the outset can minimise the risks of skin diseases and contribute significantly to improved health and safety.

Improve health and safety through a skin protection and hygiene plan
Employers must ensure that the potential risk level in the workplace is as low as possible. Of course, this also applies to the use of coolants. Gloves and additional protective clothing are part of the work equipment, but do not guarantee 100% protection against contact between skin and the coolants. This can be problematic from a health perspective, as in the event of contact, skin can become damaged or dried out, or allergies or infections can be caused.

The mandatory skin protection and hygiene plan indicates which skin products must be supplied by the employer, depending on the coolant used. Company physicians or manufacturers of protective products can help select the right skin products. The plan enables production workers to see easily at what time they must apply which recommended protection products. This information is divided into skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care categories

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