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Uzman Güvenliği : Havacılık Çözümleri13.06.2018

Uzman Güvenliği : Havacılık Çözümleri

When an airline gets a call raising an AOG, or "Aircraft on Ground", alarm, every minute counts. In the aviation industry, every hour that a high-tech aeroplane spends out of action and grounded due to a technical fault costs the airline thousands of euros. If the airline has to resort to sourcing a replacement plane, it will lose revenue and incur additional operating costs and landing fees. Compensation claims from passengers or contractual penalties from freight customers further elevate the financial risk.

However, safety and availability in the aviation industry can only be guaranteed because all processes related to the production and operation of passenger aircraft are subject to stringent safety standards and must be certified according to specific guidelines. In the aerospace sector, coolants, alongside tools and production methods, are a core element of part approval. It is essential that Rhenus Lub customers can put their trust in us, knowing that all fluid process parameters are fulfilled in a stable and safe way to consistently high quality standards.

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